Lirik Lagu | Kunci Gitar Avril Lavigne Unwanted

Chord Avril Lavigne Unwanted

[intro] Em-Em/C-D-A7
       Em-C-D-A (2x)

Em  C D A              Em               C          D            A
All       they did was walk over, start all off by shaking your hands
              Em C D A         Em          C        D           A
That's how it went,   I have a smile on my face and I sat up straight

Em-C-D-A (2x)

Em C    D   A   Em        C         D         A7                       
All yeah yeah I wanted to know ya I wanted to show you


Em                   C
  You don't know me, don't ignore me
D                   A7             Em      C  D A
  You don't want me there you just shut me out
Em                   C       
  You don't know me, don't ignore me
D                 A7             Em      C
  If you had your way you'd just shut me out
D       A
Make me go away


Em-C-D-A    Em-C-          D     A
                  I'm so unwanted

Em C D A              Em         C       D             A
No       I just don't understand Why you won't talk to me
   Em   C D A         Em          C             D            A
It hurts     I'm so unwanted from nothing Don't talk words against me

Em-C-D-A   Em        C          D         A7
         I wanted to know ya, I wanted to show you

[back to chorus]

Em                         Em/C                Em     Em/C
I tried give all it didn't seem wrong, my head aches
Em                        Em/C                      Em     Em/C  D
It's been so long I write this song, that's what it takes

[back to chorus] 2x