Kunci Gitar Avenged Sevenfold Dear God

Intro: C G Am Em F C G
       C G Am Em F C G


 C        G
 a lonely road,
          Am                 Em
 crossed another cold state line 
 F               C
 Miles away from those I love
 purpose hard to find 

C          G
while I recall
        Am                 Em
all the words you spoke to me 
      F                  C
can't help but wish that I was there 
back where I'd love to be, oh yeah 


  C    G
  dear God
      Am           G
  the only thing I ask of you is 
      F                     C
  to hold her when I'm not around, 
  when I'm much too far away 

  C        G
  We all need
         Am           G
  that person who can be true to you 
         F              C
  but I left her when I found her 
  and now I wish I'd stayed 
              F            G
  cause I'm lonely and I'm tired 
      Em            Am  G  F
  I'm missing you again oh no 
  once again

C                G
there's nothing here
       Am              Em
for me on this barren road 
        F                        C
there's no one here while the city sleeps 
and all the shops are closed 
C               G
can't help but think
         Am                Em
of the times I've had with you 
F                  C
pictures and some memories
will have to help me through, oh yeah 

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Am       E   F               C
some search, never finding a way 
Am      E    F            C
before long, they waste away 
Am       E   F                      C
I found you, something told me to stay 
Am     E   F             C
I gave in, to selfish ways 
Dm                         G
and how I miss someone to hold 

when hope begins to fade... 

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Outro : Am E F C (17x)